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Evil Animal


My signature act! A good girl which at first glance appears prim and proper, pulls the audience into her fantasy of being bad. This act melts my background of classic showgirlness and energetic rock chick!


Song: I wanna be Evil & Closer

Artist: Eartha Kitt & Nine Inch Nails
Act Duration: 4:42



Wilkommen to Germany! This is an award-winning comedic act set to an Oktoberfest theme. 

Song: various (Chicken Dance, Du Hast etc.)

Artist: various (Polka/Rammstein etc.) 
Act Duration: 4:02

Classic Burlesque


Classic burlesque performance with a panel skirt & boa 


Song: Feeling Good

Artist: Avicii
Act Duration: 3:48

She Rides/Rock


This rocking act paints a dark and mysterious woman, who embodies sensuality and holds power over those who encounter her. 
The theme is Western/Cowgirl.

Song: She Rides

Artist: Danzig

Act Duration: 5:11



Playful performance to a timeless showtune classic which speaks to the universal desire for a love that lasts, and the hope that comes with every new day. 

Song: L-O-V-E

Artist: Nat King Cole

Act Duration: 3:04


logo steffisco3.jpg

Rendition of the Marvel Character Hela (Goddess of Death), who is based on the goddess Hel from Norse mythology. Theme is Rock & Goth. 

Song: Immigrant Song & Paint It Black

Artist: Led Zeppelin & Hidden Citizens

Act Duration: 6:06


Whatever she wants, she gets! This is a classic bump & grind act to a big jazzy orchestra tune!


Song: Whatever Lola Wants

Artist: Ella Fitzgerald

Act Duration: 3:44

Pink Cowgirl

Screenshot 2023-03-24 153012.png

Revenge-themed Western act, guaranteed to get everyone in the audience to sing along!

Song: Before He Cheats
Artist: Carrie Underwood

Act Duration: 3:19

Additional Acts


​Performance catalogue of various Burlesque Acts to popular themes, genres and eras, including but not limited to: 

  • Xmas/Holiday 

  • Cabaret/Classic "Vegas Showgirl"

  • Punk, Rock, Metal

  • Pop

  • 1920s through 1990s

  • & more (just ask!)

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